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TPAssist 2007 for Mindjet MindManager Take the tour...


Visualize, Act, Journal and Automate in the Context of Your Goals.

TPAssist 2007 puts you in the driver's seat, helping you visualize, act on, capture journals and automate your priorities in the context of your life and workplace goals.

  • Use MindManager as your Getting Things Done® (GTD®) list manager.
  • Automate and Integrate your task based mind maps:
    • Automate task dates with finite control.
    • Get multi-map task detail roll-up.
    • Capture and roll-up financial information.
    • Create workplace Dashboards.
    • Manage work / life balance.
  • Export task and financial information to Microsoft® Excel®.
  • Integrate action mapping with Microsoft® Outlook®.
  • Work with complex projects and task based maps in Multi-map mode.
  • Roll-up & Publish multi-maps to Microsoft Project.
  • Enable multi-user workflow and auditing with Mindjet Connect.

A must have for everyone harnessing the power of Mindjet MindManager to understand and manage the complexities of work and life.

Register for your FREE 30-day trial today!

Explore the numerious features further... 

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What does TPAssist 2007 Provide?

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